Miles Murti - 14" Bear - 269.62 Miles Murti - 14" Bear - 269.62 Miles is thinking. Miles is made of tipped alpaca and is 6-way jointed. He features needle sculpting and hand coloring.14" Bear - 269.62 202073378 All fours! Miles is designed to pose in almost any position. His neck swivels to allow the long side in the front when you want him to look up. 14" Bear - 269.62 202073379 Naptime! Here you see Miles taking a snooze. His eyes are hand painted glass with white felt eye whites and full double lidded leather eyelids.14" Bear - 269.62 202073380 Real Bear cub Miles sits like a real bear cub with wired arms and legs. His hands, feet and face are all needle sculpted. Notice the hands and feet are very flat.14" Bear - 269.62 202073381 Cute baby Miles has a hand sculpted sculpy nose, epoxy putty claws and leather toes and paw pads.14" Bear - 269.62 202073382