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By The Lynton Teddy Bear Company. This is a truly unique bear made from hand dyed mohair which was originally white. I created purple shades using various dying techniques to create tones inspired by the colours of purple passion flowers. She is part dip dyed, tie-dyed and hand painted with dye to create this multi-toned effect. I also used two different types of mohair; one a short dense pile and the other (used on her tummy) is a longer, wavy pile. Passiflora is approximately 12.5" tall and 9" sitting. She is 5-way jointed with a cotter pin in her neck and nut and bolt joints in her arms and legs. She is filled with polyfibre stuffing and is weighted with steel shot in her tummy. She has a wire armature in her arms and legs to allow for gentle posing. Please note that although the metal is strong it may not stand up to rough handling. She has a needle and scissor sculpted face which has additional hand shading to add character. Her hand painted purple glass eyes have black pupils and a corded eye-lid detail. Passiflora has a purple hand sculpted fimo nose with an embroidered mouth. Her paw pads are highly detailed with ultrasuede trapunto applique which has then been extensively sculpted with pulled toes. I have then painted these with a purple floral and green leaf motif. Passiflora is wearing a hand made collar of ribbon passion flower petals in cream, white and purple shades with purple embroidery cotton 'filaments' detail. She also has a hand made ribbon passion flower with a green beaded stamen on an elasticated ribbon band around her head. These items are both removable. She has my ?Lynton Teddy Bears? fabric label sewn into her back seam and a removable swing ticket. Passiflora has now been adopted
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