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Rolo by The Lynton Teddy Bear Company is a very handsome bear made from a lovely dense superior quality faux fur. The colour has been impossible to photograph accurately and is actually a gorgeous deep chocolate brown with a slightly frosted finish that gives a sparkling effect when it catches the light. Rolo is approximately 14" tall and 10" sitting (to tips of his ears). He is 5-way jointed with a cotter pin in his neck and nut and bolt joints in his arms and legs. He is filled with polyfibre stuffing and is weighted with steel shot in his tummy. Rolo has a wire armature in his arms, legs and back to allow for gentle posing. Please note that although the metal is strong it may not stand up to rough handling. He is made from my pattern with 'S' shaped paws that curve downwards when the armature wire is fully extended. Rolo has a needle and scissor sculpted face which has additional hand shading to add character. He has black glass eyes and a hand sculpted black Fimo nose with an embroidered mouth. His paw pads are highly detailed with ultra-suede trapunto applique which has then been extensively sculpted with pulled toes and hand shaded details. Rolo is very partial to the chocolate he is named after and wears a giant sized Fimo 'Rolo' pendant around his neck. He carries a hessian bag containing 3 more 'chocolates' as a handy snack. I must point out that these appear quite realistic and could constitute a choking hazard they should therefore be kept with the bear at all times and away from children under 14 years of age. Rolo has my ?Lynton Teddy Bears? fabric label sewn into his back seam and a removable swing ticket. Rolo has now been adopted
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