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Meet the Elephamily, in their Sunday Best, off for a walk! The latest creations from TedandSue, created in my Lyme Regis workroom in England. Each Elephant is made from Steiff Schulte Mohair, hand dyed in three shades of soft grey. Paw pads, inside arm on Poppa and ear linings are indian cotton or calico. Each elephant contains steel weighting so has a comfy weighty feel and then is filled with pure alpaca fibre from my own alpaca herd. Each Elly has real, Suri alpaca hair threaded onto the head and cut into a Baby, Momma and Poppa style. Each member of the family has glass eyes which have been hand painted in shades of blue and grey. Elephamily cannot stand, but sit sweetly in a line! Measurements from top to toe are Babyphant 20cm Mommaphant 22cm Poppaphant 24cm Baby is wearing and elasticated skirt made from and English country garden style fabric. Momma is wearing a front pleated skirt with wrapover back with 2 press studs, with a cotton muslin underskirt beneath. Poppa is very grand wearing and orginal antique Edwardian cotton, lace collar. Each Elly has embroidered stitching to trunk and pads and very light shading and distressing. Each Elly comes with their own signed Certificate of Authenticity and hang tag My own pattern, hand dyed mohair, created with love and care Share the beauty of alpacas with a gift of my book for children - AlpacaChatter, with my compliments A sweet family but only for the loving collector - not for children Available to purchase from my website at www.TedandSue.co
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