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Cat Uma - 9.8 inches - $250.00 Sign In or Register to add photos

Hi. Thank you for your attention to newborn kitty. Her name is Yuma and she loves to bask in the sun and play. Yuma will definitely become a good friend and a true friend. Yuma made from quality faux fur. Packed with acrylic. The head is connected with the body via the skeleton can bend and turn a little. Yuma takes different poses: can stand, sit, lie down, to go, due to the fact that all paws on her pins and reinforced skeleton. So they twist and bend. Tail with ears I also was reinforced and they can bend the way you want. Eyes Yuma ? glass is handmade. The nose and pads on paws ? bake plastic. Tinted oil. In length from butt to tip of nose Yuma 25 cm In height ? from floor to nape 17 cm. $250.00 USD If you want to buy a toy, write to me about your desire to email address [email protected]
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