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The Little Hamptons. Anne style art doll - is in the style of an early carved wooden one from early 1800s. She is made with Creative Paperclay and cloth. Her shoulder head, lower arms and legs are paper clay and her body and upper limbs are cloth stuffed with cotton. I have given her an aged appearance with special painting techniques. Her features are simple for an old primitive style. I have made her a pretty dress from vintage cotton fabric that I have aged more with some dying using tea, cinnamon and coffee. The lace trim is antique and has some wear in keeping with an antique doll. She has some natural hair attached to the top of her head. This is just at the front edge and does not cover her entire head as her hat is not removable. I made her straw bonnet and attached some antique lace for a pretty feminine look. Her shoes are painted directly onto her dainty little feet. I have given her some small black glass eyes. She is quite reminiscent of a Queen Anne doll and other similar dolls of that era. Ethel is signed and dated on the back and comes with signed swing tag. Please note that the smaller doll is not for sale in this listing. Ethel can be purchased from my online Etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheLittleHamptons or you can contact me at [email protected] Payment methods: Paypal Price $385AUD

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