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Peregrine ~ 9" ~ $270 CND Sign In or Register to add photos

This darling 9 inch tall traditional bear has been created with old world charm with some extra aging.Wearing a felt clown hat and ruffle collar ... a peek at the circus! This bear might be just what is needed to bring a smile to your face and heart? Seraphim's WOW Traditional style bears have a built in heart pocket and come with a lucky Canadian wish penny within it. They also have tails (as all bears should) and "Belly Buttons. This bear's nose has been hand embroidered and waxed and this sweet one sees the world through black glass eyes just as a traditional bear should. Sparse matted mohair fabric make up this bear's body and lend to the aged appearance. This bear is fully jointed and weighted to offer a good range of movement and a comforting hug. He can be adopted at: https://oneofakindonlineshop.com/seraphims-world-of-whimsy
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