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Peppy Polar Bear (named after original Fox's Glacier mints bear) Peppy Polar Bear is made from plush stringy cotton in white. He has black glass eyes and embroidered features and claws. Peppy is a larger bear, measuring 22cms and he has lots of weight in his tum! My bears are made from 100% German mohair or viscose, with the occasional faux fur thrown in! They are 5 way cotter pin jointed, and some of my minis are string jointed. They have wired glass eyes, some of which are hand blown antique glass. My bears etc. are generally around 11cm tall when seated and so are classed as miniature bears, although they can be quite stocky fellows! The bears are filled with lovely, clean steel punchings and some polyfibre stuffing. These are collectors' bears made using materials and traditional components that make them unsuitable as children's toys. Every one arrives with a signed and dated certificate. Peppy Polar Bear is £62 Postage UK: £5.50 Europe £10.50, U.S.A. £12.50, R.O.W. £13 Please email Penny at: [email protected] if you would like to adopt this bear.
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