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I would like to introduce "Bonnie" . She is a lovely bear created from a very soft wavy silvery mauve mohair . She is 12 inches tall, and fully handcrafted. She has handmade human-like glass eyes in a beautiful brown, and a wool needle felted nose in black . Her face has been sculpted and shaded to give her a cute personality. Her paws are Ultra-suede dark mauve, and she is stuffed with polyester fiberfill, weighted with glass beads, and five way jointed with a cotter pin for her head and locknuts for her arms and legs. Bonnie is wearing a handmade cotton pinafore dress in a darling flowery pattern with lace edging, a silk bow to match, and a butterfly pendant necklace. She will come with her special hangtag with her name and details, HHB stamped and signed., a sewn in woven tag and my authentic Texas wooden HHB tag.
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