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Panther Tayva/ 15,7"/adopted Sign In or Register to add photos

Today I will introduce you to Tayva. Tayva was born a Panther. Tayva quite a large girl, her size from the priests to the tip of the nose 40 cm at the withers 24 cm Made from quality faux fur, it is nice to stroke. Padding - padding polyester and mineral granules. The granulate gives the Panther a pleasant heaviness. The head is joined to the body using the skeleton and can bend in different directions. Paws Tivy very mobile, they are attached to the body with split pins and reinforced skeleton. Due to this, the legs can twist and bend. The tail and ears are reinforced with wire, bend. Nose, pads on paws and claws made of bake plastic. Eyes - glass. Tayva tinted with an airbrush.
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