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Bear soft! It can close / open eyes and sleep. The bear's open mouth and small teeth. It is very cute and affectionate bear . It looks very realistic. Its length from nose to tail of 21.65 inches ( 55 cm) , its height is of 13.78 inches ( 35 cm) . the bear is very mobile and flexible . Has 4 connection of the legs and spine . Can tilt and lift the head , the legs are very flexible , take any position ( position, lying, sitting ). The bear is made based on my pattern and design. Made of high quality faux fur . Has paw pads . Paw pads are made from soft suede and embroidered . Nose and claws are sculpted from Fimo, covered with epoxy resin. Bear tinted artistic oil. Eyes made by my own technology. The bear is filled with granulate for gravity and hypoallergenic synthetic balls. The bear weighs 1.2 kg. Bear will arrive in a new home with a certificate. delivery is made by mail EMS. The web site and the ID number of the security.
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