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Edwin Bunny Esqu. 19"-EU130,00 Sign In or Register to add photos

Edwin Bunny Esqu. Here is Edwin.... He is fully handmade using original Schulte-Steiff thick, swirly pale yellow Mohair fabric (on a slightly darker yellow backing) it is luxuriously soft! He is fully cotter jointed, stuffed with 100% pure Alpaca wool (and weighted glass shot in his tummy for extra "cuddabiility") stuffed Bunny Rabbit! He has amber glass eyes, Cashmere inner ears and foot pads, along with wire inside his ears so that they can be posed! His hat is 100% handmade using pure Scottish wool and Wensleydale locks (needle felted). He is 19" tall from the tip of his ears to the tip of his toes! As always, Edwin Bunny Esqu. is MADE WITH LOVE
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