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We pleased to introduce you to our new Primitive Stitched Vintage ‘rag-wrapped’ Hare This creation was inspired from a picture I recently saw on the internet, a beautiful creation by Jill Marsh Hares are surrounded by myth The brown hare, not seen often is Britain’s fastest land mammal. Propelled by those powerful hind legs which define its shape as surely as its long, black-tipped ears, the hare has been known to run at speeds exceeding 40mph. Added to its shyness, this astonishing turn of speed accounts for the apparent elusiveness of the hare. Sighted only rarely in some areas for much of the year, it retains a mystique long forfeited by rabbits Luna stands proudly at just over 15”. His body was stitched in recycled fabric, he has wired arms and legs and he was then entirely wool rag wrapped. A time consuming creation but I am thrilled with his finish. He watches the world go by in gorgeous antique brown boot button eyes. A unique one of a kind creation. He is a decorative item only and not a toy. He will come to you with his own swing tag bearing his birthing details and our label has being stitched to his body. It was difficult photographing this creation, it’s a gloomy today in the UK but I have tried to photograph him from many angles to give you a good idea on his profile. Please do not hesitate to request more photographs if you would like to see more of this creation.
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