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Swizzle is a very pretty bear made from a beautiful wavy, semi dense, 15mm pile lilac mohair which creates a very feminine look. She has purple paw pads made from a recycled suede skirt. Swizzle measures approximately 13.5" tall (to ear tips) and 9.5" sitting. She is 5 - way jointed with nut and bolt fixings on her arms and legs and a cotter pin at her neck. She is stuffed with polyester and has added steel shot in her tummy to give extra weight. She has black glass eyes and a deep purple embroidered nose/mouth. Her face is trimmed, needle sculpted and shaded using pink and purple markers that have been softly blended. She wears a removeable silver coloured chain necklace with three Fimo imitation 'love heart' sweet beads. These say: 'Dear one', 'Pamper Me' and 'Ever Yours'. Swizzle has been adopted
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