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Cherir forms part of our Shellac bear series. Hours of research, trial and testing has gone into this range of bears. Although the bear is of a simple primitive design, she has being created in organic cotton. The fabric was pre stained prior to stitching, on completion hours of staining, varnishing, polishing and waxing has being applied giving her a lovely leather like feel. This range of bears is very unique in that each and every one is a test in process as we work to perfect our special recipe, we have being amazed how every cut of fabric reacts to our treatment process in very different ways making each creation a test in itself. We are proud to now release this special series of bears although they are still very much a work in process as we evolve with their process. Cherir is five way wobbly jointed, stuffed full of heavy poly and steel shot giving her a nice floppy but heavy fee. She has onyx bead eyes . She has a tiny brass key sewn onto a heart stitched into her body, As with all our creations she has being further aged and shaded post sewing giving her ?pre-loved? feel.
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