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A truly unique bear. I love this design new to our studio. Please meet 10? Vinique She has being created from a piece of hand dyed viscose (a one off), and a scrap of vintage red fabric (sewn in heart) Her fabric inspired this ?Wacky? design. Vnique has being designed and created here in our home studio by Liz Walker Watts. She is a unique bear and most definitely a one off. She is 2-way jointed and has being fed full of wood dust with added shot giving her a lovely weighty feel. She has being lightly accessorised as we feel her design does her most justice. She wears an old ribbon bow and handmade rose behind her ear a small copper heart adorns her sewn-in heart on her tummy. Feedback please folk? Do you like these odd little bears that creep out of our studio every now and again?
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