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Jnr tech Reggie Porter 14" - £140 + UK£12, ROW£18 Sign In or Register to add photos

Reggie is the biggest bear thus far in our Heirloom Bear series. He has being stitched in Schulte mohair and had a good feed on wood dust, heavy stuffing and steel shot for added weight. He is 5-way jointed bear with both wobbly arms and neck. Her eyes are German glass and nose felted. He sports a handstitched hat pinned to his tummy is a silver airplane. His features have being slightly shaded to add to his stately appearance. This bigger bear is an extra special edition to the new range of Heirloom Bears. Our label is stitched to his back seam and he will come to you with his own swing tag with full birth and material details. It must be noted that Jnr tech Reggie Porter is not a toy and not intended for play but rather a collector?s item only. This fine fella is available for immediate adoption
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