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Relf Rabbit 5" - £35 + UK£12, ROW£15 Sign In or Register to add photos

RElf was created from a kit received as a gift early in 2015. A great pack with all included to create this whimsical cartoon-like character. We have called him RElf as he was created during our studio down time between Christmas and New Year. His kit designers, from Fairy Forest, Mara Grishina and Olga Ruchkina. For those just beginning your bear making journey’s or those that design their own teds if you looking for a fun, easy and different bear making project give these girls a call, there pattern was perfect in every way and the fabrics supplied were plenty to complete either the rabbit or the cat. If you would like to adopt our version of their pattern, our little Christmas RElf please feel free to pm me, he is a dear little guy, 100% hand stitched with love. 5-way jointed and created from long pile Sassy fabric. He sports glass eyes and has being gently shaded to create more character. He is a one off for us and would make a lovely gift to oneself or someone special.
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