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Bartholomew (Bart) Bear 8/2" 160Euro Sign In or Register to add photos

Bartholomew (Bart) Bear....... Lovingly 100% handmade using a stunning one of a kind Japanese (pure) Mohair fabric. The fabric is a mix of coloured strands of Mohair - brown, caramel, sand, cream and a touch of white, it is approx 3/4" long straight fibre, he is also 5 way jointed (cotter joints). He is 20 cm tall and 30cm from nose to bottom! Bartholomew has been stuffed with a mix of pure sheep and alpaca wool, with some weights in his belly to stand on all fours more firmly! His face and paws have been (dry) needle felted using Scottish Highland wool, and his eyes are Topaz English glass. To finish him off nicely (!), I have supplied him with real leather claws, also handmade. Bartholomew is an absolute labour of love! I hope that you love him as much as I do, he really is one of a kind! Bartholomew is available for adoption now, to a loving home..... MADE WITH LOVE given his delicate nature, Bartholomew is not a play toy, rather a display toy....... xx
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