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Hand stitched in Schulte Mohair 5-way jointed with wobbly neck and arms German Glass eyes Prim missed-stitched nose. Fed full on heavy poly with steel shot added for extra weight All bears in this range have being sympathetically aged and shaded post sewing and in some cases the mohair has been shaved or dyed to depict their ‘ye Olde’ appearance. Each ‘ye Olde’ Victory bear will wear a vintage piece of military clothing. This little bear wears a green Army Tunic. All are clean but please note they are used / old so not perfect. Some clothing will have being mended where other items may be marked or stained, adding to the timeless feel of each individual bear. Each piece removable and a vintage find. Every ‘ye Olde’ victory bear will come to you with a numbered disk stating his number in our collection and our label sewn into his back seam. He wears a tag with his birth details around his neck. A bundle of ‘replica’ wartime paperwork will accompany each bear, these will vary and may be an old photo, newspaper, ration book, letter or postcard and will be tied in aged ribbon and can be used as a prop when you display your bear. Please note however the paperwork you receive with your bear may differ slightly from that shown in the pictures. Please note this bear is a collector’s item only and not a toy. “One night I had a dream…. A family mourning the loss of their deeply loved grandfather had the daunting task of clearing out his home, the home he was born in and later, after marrying his childhood sweetheart went on to rear his own family until his recent death. They started the clean-up in his garage not expecting to find much more then old tools and junk. But buried deep in the back of the garage behind a work bench they found a large old trunk. What was in this trunk? No one had seen it before, so they couldn’t imagine what secrets they were about to uncover, nor the memorabilia that they were to discover. Having no idea what its contents may hold, they proceeded to open the trunk by carefully lifting the lid but they broke the delicate worn hinges in the process. At first glance they found some old covers concealing a two chest compartment. They lifted the covers to reveal its secrets. The top compartment contained papers dating back to the early 1900’s These documents included letters, postcards, ration books, recipes, rule books, army flyers, emergency instruction booklets, pass books, household leaflets, disease leaflets, propaganda posters, medical reports, post cards, news cuttings, red cross leaflets and letters. These documents were all military in nature and originating from all corners of the globe evoking the nostalgia of the last two world wars. They were intrigued, their grandfather had not fought in either war as he had suffered polio as a child and had spent the war years working within the community and not on the front line. They were soon to discover something even more interesting. Setting aside the documents they lifted the tray from the top compartment. This second compartment was filled with hundreds of small packages wrapped in fine tissue paper and tied in old ribbon. Carefully unwrapping and inspecting each package they were delighted to find each package contained a little bear? Who’s bears were these and where did these bears come from? “ Adoption cost: £80 + carriage fees (We do ship worldwide) (£150 for two bears + post from the same series) Available for immediate adoption with a buy it now button http://www.bearpile.com/item/141907 https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/481471541/85-ye-olde-victory-bear-19?ref=shop_home_active_1
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