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Stanley and Maud, a lovely couple, are OOAK bears. Both made of Schulte Viscose and felted to give them an distressed look. Stanley is 14,17 inch tall (made of brown viscose) and Maud is 11,81 inch tall (made of peach color viscose). They both are firmly filled with woodwool, have long tapered arms, they are five-way jointed, have stitched nose, mouth and paws. Stanley wears clothes inspired by the 1930's; a darkbrown jacket, light brown pair of trousers, a bakerboy cap and a bow around his neck. Maud wears underwear, an underskirt, a skirt, a blouse / jacket and a lappet cap based on the 1930's. Stanley and Maud will only be sold as a couple. € 156,87 + postage
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