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Arabella Trottermuncher By Lillies loveables 9.8 inches (25 centimeters) Out of all the witches I have ever met, Arabella has to be the worst. Arabella is the chief spell caster, there isn't a spell in the magic circle that she doesn't know. She has the meanest cackle ever! Rumour has it that she has even repulsed a few trolls over her 352 year lifetime. Her favourite food is crushed beetles. She smells like pumpkin spice.......that decomposed a few hundred years ago. Having said all that, she will gladly put the bins out for you! She stands at 25cm, 32cm including her hat. Made using synthetic fur. Black glass eyes. Embroidered perle nose. Suede pootpads, ear inners and paw pads. Filled with polyfill fibre and weighted with steel shot. Cotterpin jointed for movement. All patterns are my own and each creation is individually handmade and handsewn. Ordering Information: £44.99 with free UK postage. Worldwide postage is £10.00 extra. Layaway unavailable. My creations are for collectors only and not suitable for children under the age of 14 years old.
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