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Beau is made from two complementary mohair fabrics in pastel shades of pink and blue. His head is all blue with one blue and one pink ear. His body is half pink and half blue and his limbs are in mis-matched pairs. His paw pads are made from a light fawn ultrasuede. He measures approximately 13" tall or 9.5" sitting. He is 5 - way jointed with nut and bolt fixings on his arms and legs and a cotter pin at his neck. He is stuffed with polyester and has a generous bag of steel shot in his tummy to give extra weight. Beau has black glass eyes and a black embroidered nose and mouth. His nose has been coated in beeswax to give a subtle shine. His face is trimmed, needle sculpted and shaded around his eyes and muzzle to add character. Beau is finished with a double chiffon ribbon ruff in pink and blue around his neck. He also has two imitation 'love heart' beads made from Fimo stitched along his tummy seam line. The pink one reads 'Be Mine' and the blue 'Spoil Me'. He has my ?Lynton Teddy Bears? fabric label sewn into his back seam and a removable swing ticket. Beau is now sold.
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