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United Kingdom
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Louise Rodgers

Location / Country

United Kingdom

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Are you a Doll or Teddy bear artist or maker?

teddy bear maker

If you are an artist or bear maker what type of bears do you design and make?

I make one of a kind teddy bears in a traditional style. My bears are fully jointed and made from a selection of quality materials including mohair, alpaca and faux fur.

How long have you made bears or dolls?

about One year

Are you a Teddy Bear collector?


How many Teddy Bears does your hug hold?

around 100

What attracts you to a new Teddy Bear the most?

a nice face

Describe what your dream Teddy Bear would be and look like.

It wouldn't matter what it looked like but it would be hand made just for me by my husband. He doesn't make bears but I'd love it if he'd have a go one day and make something very personal with me in mind.

Are you a Doll Collector?


How many Dolls does your collection hold?


What attracts you to a new Doll the most?

not applicable

Describe what your dream Doll would be and look like.

Not applicable

Describe when and why you started to collect Dolls or Teddy Bears.

I have always loved them since I was a child but since my father wouldn't let me keep a large collection, it was just something I naturally became passionate about as I got older and had an income of my own.

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