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Michelle Gruber

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Are you a Doll or Teddy bear artist or maker?

Teddy bear

If you are an artist or bear maker what type of bears do you design and make?

I like to make mosty old fashioned type Teddy bears, as well as Rabbits....

How long have you made bears or dolls?

3 years

Are you a Teddy Bear collector?


How many Teddy Bears does your hug hold?

As many as will fit!

What attracts you to a new Teddy Bear the most?

The face

Describe what your dream Teddy Bear would be and look like.

Big, furry, soft, huggable with a precious face that says "Love Me......and hug me", that is olde worlde and WELL LOVED.

Are you a Doll Collector?


How many Dolls does your collection hold?


What attracts you to a new Doll the most?


Describe what your dream Doll would be and look like.


Describe when and why you started to collect Dolls or Teddy Bears.

I have ALWAYS loved and cherished Teddy bears.

I have given my children, my nieces and nephews, as well as friends children their FIRST Teddy bears, and all of them still have and love them to pieces.

Since moving to Germany (from Australia) 4 years ago, I have loved Steiff Teddy bears, and have in fact been to the Museum 5 times in 4 years as it is only 1.5 hours drive from where I live!

Teddy bears are one of the only "possessions" that we can love from birth to death without being judged for it!

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