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Karen Lyons

Joined Mar 13 2010
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Seattle, WA, USA
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TBAAF - Purchase Directly From International Bear and Doll Artists



Your Full Name

Karen Lyons

Location / Country

Seattle, WA, USA

Website Address

KJ Lyons Design

Ebay Address


Bearpile Address

http://KJ Lyons Design

Are you a Doll or Teddy bear artist or maker?

Teddy Bear/Cat Artist

If you are an artist or bear maker what type of bears do you design and make?

I create many kinds of animals. I am best known for my cats. 

How long have you made bears or dolls?

15 years

Are you a Teddy Bear collector?


How many Teddy Bears does your hug hold?

a few

What attracts you to a new Teddy Bear the most?

The expression

Describe what your dream Teddy Bear would be and look like.

I'll know when I see him. I know I will find many dream bears and other animals. Artists are creating some of the most amazing work I have ever seen. It's an exciting time.

Are you a Doll Collector?


How many Dolls does your collection hold?

none at the moment

What attracts you to a new Doll the most?

Fantasy creations

Describe what your dream Doll would be and look like.

I still have much to learn about the doll world.

Describe when and why you started to collect Dolls or Teddy Bears.

I collect a notebook of ideas and photos of past creations, collectors, shows, awards. Everything I love about this art.

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Karen Lyons