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Dorothy Stuhr

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orothy Galen Stuhr

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http://none at the moment

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Dorothy's TeddyFolk

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Are you a Doll or Teddy bear artist or maker?

teddy bear

If you are an artist or bear maker what type of bears do you design and make?

I make smallish, multicolored teddy bears, I use mohair, wool and glass eyes that I paint. I like one of the pupils(in the eyes) to be gazeing off in a different direction. I can't explain why but I do. (Remember Marty Feldmen in "Young Frankinstein?) I felt a soft cashmere wool for the arms and legs and dye my own combination of colors. They are a bit odd looking, and old looking, yet modern too. Their heads are bigger than their bodies, I started doing that about 9 years ago, when I felt constricted by the popular image of cute and beautiful. I think mine are cute but in a ugly, homely way. I hope all this makes sense, because sometimes I don't.

How long have you made bears or dolls?

25 years

Are you a Teddy Bear collector?

a bit

How many Teddy Bears does your hug hold?

six dear ones.

What attracts you to a new Teddy Bear the most?


Describe what your dream Teddy Bear would be and look like.

Small and gold with a blue bow and brown eyes that know me, since this is a dream teddy my mom would be holding him out to me and she would nestle him in my arms. I would feel loved inside and out.

Are you a Doll Collector?


How many Dolls does your collection hold?

I have several broken

What attracts you to a new Doll the most?

I am intrigued with dolls, but have never collected them.

Describe what your dream Doll would be and look like.

A rag doll, homemade and simple.

Describe when and why you started to collect Dolls or Teddy Bears.

When my mom passed, well actually before she passed. She had cancer and I bought her a soft Gund bear to hold. When it became clear she wouldn't make it and only had a few weeks left, I sat on her bed with her and broke the news giving her the bear to hold as I did. We cried. Months later I went to the Linda Mullins Show in San Diego for a bear to comfort me. I would like to add that Mom bought a little gold Steiff bear when she was pregnant with me and that bear has been with me ever since.

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