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Welcome if you are a collector or enthusiast of Artist bears or dolls... 

From the front page of our website you can browse and easily purchase the wonderful things for sale, directly from the maker or artist.


Each of the Teddy Bear and Doll artists found on this site are professional masters of their own craft. They personally design and handcraft from there very own original designs. 


TBAAF Members have direct contact with some of the finest  international professional Teddy Bear and Doll artists worldwide. We hope we encourage and inspire all our creative members to search for their own unique style, giving positive recognition and credibility to their unique quality hand-made collectable bears and dolls of original design.


So if you are just looking for information or that special gift, you have come to the right place from here you can collect dolls and teddy bears easily from all over the world.  




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  • The TBAAF website is highly secure to protect our members
  • You need to be a subscribed member to access all areas of the TBAAF website
  • See bears and dolls for sale on the front page of our website.
  • Under each album you will see a link e.g. by Aadine Kelly
  • Click on that link it will take you to the artists TBAAF profile.
  • You will see five profile tabs. 
  • Click on their INFO page tag.
  • There you will find direct contact links to their websites etc.




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