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TBAAF Awards Winners 2013


 It is with the greatest pleasure that we announce that the 2013 TBAAF Award winners...

 Congratulations to every award winner, we are so pleased for you all, you have worked very hard to create such wonderful pieces of creative work and each of you individually deserve this recognition...

If you are one of the voting public who gave TBAAF members true support and voted, we thank you on behalf of all the entrants...

This site is built on community friendship and it is wonderful to see how support, loyalty and friendship can transform into a successful awards competition like this...

We now have great hopes for the 2014 awards and cant wait to start receiving your new entries...

 Below you will see details of all the 2013 award winners...

 Kind Regards

Lanie & Darren TBAAF Site Admin


 Email: tbaaf.online@virginmedia.com

Jubilee Memories - Winner

 1st Place Winner
  Jubilee By Paula Carter
2nd Place Winner 
Levi By Simona Benetyte - Mikutaviciene 

3rd Place Winner
 Calico By Claire Ryan
4th Place winner
 Queen Elizabeth By Gill Gibson
Joint 5th Place winner 
 Wonderful Jubilee By Melissa James
Joint 5th Place winner 
Ted  The Torch-bearer By Ann Franklin

Simply Traditional - Winner

1st Place Winner
Connor By Helen Clennel - White
2nd Place Winner 
Oddy By Simona Benetyte - Mikutaviciene
3rd Place Winner
Scrabble By Beatrice le Meec

4th Place Winner
 William By Donna Wallis
5th Place Winner 
 Bert By Penny Bonser 
 5th Place Winner 
Dougie By Natalie Standing


Wizard of OZ - Winner

1st Place Winner  
Somewhere Over a Rainbow By Melissa James
2nd Place Winner 
Wild Child By Michelle Nunnery
3rd Place Winner
 Dorothy By Catherine Colin
4th Place Winner
Flynn The Flying Monkey By Dianne Bester
5th Place Winner 
 Cowardly Lion By Hilde Versmissen 

Abundant Primitive Blessings - Winner

1st Place Winner  
Lucinda By Lanie Edwards Murphy
2nd Place Winner 
 Mistletoe Kisses By Bry Richardson
3rd Place Winner
Knox By Judy Smith
4th Place Winner
Weqoo By Agnieszka Sojko
4th Place Winner 
  Foxes By Anna Filatova
Joint 5th Place Winner  
Charles By Gill Cattroll
Joint 5th Place Winner 
 Vinny By Julie Haggerty


Sunday Best - Winner

1st Place Winner
  April Annie By Paula Carter
2nd Place Winner 
 Nany Ann By Catherine Colin
3rd Place Winner
Alice Rose By Melanie A Hickman 
4th Place Winner
 Saint Mary By Daria Lvovsky
5th Place Winner 
Dave and Jump Jump By Ann Chrysler

English Rose - Winner

1st Place Winner
  Rosie By Simona Benetyte - Mikutaviciene 
2nd Place Winner 
Trixie Belle By Kim Gallimore
3rd Place Winner
Charlotte By Christine Jacobs
4th Place Winner
Beautiful Rose By Mireille Begijn
5th Place Winner
 Rose By Christina Metcalfe
 5th Place Winner
 Felicity By Laura Majusiak

Needle Felted Four Seasons - Winner

1st Place Winner
 Vivaldi By Jo Legg
Joint 2nd Place Winner 
 Myra By Nichole Encinas
 Joint 2nd Place Winner 
Blue Lagoon By Beatrice le Meec
3rd Place Winner
With a Wink Of His Eye By Lynda Hanway
4th Place Winner
 Waldorf Seasonal tree by Daria Lvovsky
5th Place Winner 
 Pippin By Judith Malamud

All Hallows Eve - Winner

1st Place Winner
Hughey By Michelle Nunnery
2nd Place Winner 
 Mayhem By Lynette Littlejohn
3rd Place Winner
 Aurora By Samantha - Jane Seeley
4th Place Winner
 Merlin By Nancy Dontigney
5th Place Winner 
Sabrina By Kat Vardy

Art Work Hats Galore - Winner

1st Place Winner  
 Royal Crown By Anna Koetse
2nd Place Winner 
 Fancy Hats By Sharon Hale
3rd Place Winner
 SumBearo's By Karen Vallance
4th Place Winner
Teddy Geddes By Sally Thomas
5th Place Winner 
 Bearfawkes By Bethany Edwards Murphy

Poem - Teddy Bear and Friends - Winner

1st Place Winner  - A Lifetime
By Lanie Edwards Murphy
 A Lifetime

I will remember that day forever

When Mr Humphrey first arrived

A friendship born in innocence

Our childhoods coincide

When sun rise woke our sleepy eyes

Many breakfasts ate in haste

A dash into the sunlight

A scramble over the garden gate

Into the shaded woodland

We ran together free

No worry cares or mishaps

Just happiness born free

Together for my lifetime

The days just ebb so fast

As we sit together quietly

He rests in my comfy lap

Laughter and happiness ring in the air

Through the window we both glance

At small children playing  happily

The same way we did once.

Occasionally one will stop and stare

At this now frail old lady and her bear... 
2nd Place Winner - If He Could Talk
 If He Could Talk

He knows my every secret

He knows my every care

He knows my likes and dislikes

He has seen my soul laid bare

If he could talk

What wisdom bear would share!

3rd Place Winner - Bootiful
 By Sally Louise Thomas

They lay me down upon the grass

The suns rays warmed my nose.

Footfall passed and paused a while.

"Would they pick me"? Who knows.


Choosing trinkets, glass and pans

They rummaged through the clutter

The mums and dads they haggled hard

“That was a bargain” they muttered.


Then came along a little girl,

with curly golden hair.

Stopped and stared so longingly,

at me the lonely bear.


I smiled into her big blue eyes

She plucked me from the ground

She gave the man a 50p

At last a friend I had found.

4th Place Winner - Christmas Teddy
 By Jenny Duncan 

Christmas Teddy


I sit at the window at Christmas time,

The snow is falling, and I hear the clock chime,

The tree is aglow with tinsel and light,

And excited children lay in bed this night.


They left cookies for Santa and milk by the tree,

Then raced to bed in breathless glee,

But while everyone else is tucked up in bed,

It is I who sees Santa all dressed in red.


He comes down the chimney and winks at me,

And laughing he places his gifts by the tree,

In a flash he is gone but I know him so well,

I hear him fly onward, hear his sleigh bell.


When silence descends I climb up each stair,

My paws padding silently, taking great care,

The children are sleeping, I jump on the bed,

Curl up by their side and lay down my head.


In the morning we wake at dawns gentle light,

And presents are opened while I watch in delight,

We play together until dinner is ready,


Merry Christmas to all, from me the teddy.

5th Place Winner - My Bear
By Lyndsey Agostinelli
 My Bear

My bear is my bestest friend 

To all his needs I will attend


My bear is my bestest friend 

For all his faults I will defend


My bear is my bestest friend 

I will love him to the very end