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TBAAF Awards Winners 2014


It is with the greatest pleasure that we announce that the 2014 TBAAF Award winners...

 Congratulations to every 2014 award winner... The competition was of an extremely high standard this year. We know you have each worked very hard to create your wonderful creative entries, you most certainly deserve this recognition...

If you are one of the voting public who gave TBAAF members true support and voted, we thank you on behalf of all the entrants...

This site is built on community friendship and it is wonderful to see how support, loyalty and friendship can transform into a successful awards competition like this...

We now look forward to the 2015 awards and cant wait to start receiving your new entries...

 Below you will see details of all the 2014 award winners...

Best Wishes

Lanie & Darren TBAAF Site Admin


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 Touching Tradition - Winners


 1st Place Winner

 Byron The Bold

By Lanie Edwards Murphy - Arctophilia



 2nd Place Winner


By Lorraine Rowe - The Teddy Parlour


 2nd Place Winner
 Arthur the Second
By Jerome Maillot - Vintage Bears

 3rd Place Winner


By Michelle Lamb - One and Only Bears


 3rd Place Winner
 Beautiful Rose
By Bilitis & Sllvie Berry - Les Petits Luciens
 3rd Place Winner


By Paula Carter - All Bear



 4th Place Winner

 Old Nate

By Patricia Whisken - Pattis Paw Prints


4th Place Winner
By Yolanda Levy - YoYo Bears
 5th Place Winner
By Oxana Lyashenko - Sanna Teddy



Realistic Animal Zoo -Winners


 1st Place Winner

 Cobi The Mountain Lion

By Karen Lyons -  KJ Lyons Designs 





 2nd Place Winner

 Orangutan Mother With a Baby

By Daria lvosky - Art of Felting





 3rd Place Winner


By Julia Nazarenko - JuNa Art





 4th Place Winner


By Lesley Stipanov - Les Bears





 5th Place Winner
By Michelle Nunnery - Little Bittie Bears




Miniature Wonders - Winners


1st Place Winner


By Alina Priymak 





 2nd Place Winner

 Fiddling Mice

By Daria Lvovsky - Art of Felting





 3rd Place Winner

 Mr Grumpy

By Julia Nazarenko - JuNa Art





 4th Place Winner


By Aire Kapstas - Aire





 5th Place Winner
By Veronica Heck - Vero Bears




Rustic Old Vintage Bears - Winners


1st Place Winner


By Paula Carter - All Bear




 1st Place Winner


By Jerome Maillot - Vintage bears





 2nd Place Winner


By Wendi Walker - Toggle Teddies



 3rd Place Winner


By Lorraine Rowe - The Teddy Parlour




 4th Place Winner

By Lynn Clapham - Brimbin Forest Bears 




 5th Place Winner
By Judy Smith - Misfit Bears



 Doll Time - Winners



1st Place Winner


By Doriane Schapman - Neverland Dolls and Bears





 2nd Place Winner


By Claire Harris  - Blushing Babies Nursery



 3rd Place Winner


By Julia Nazarenko - JuNa Art




 3rd Place Winner

Pretty Voyaer

By Marina Athanasiadou - Romantic Wonders





 4th Place Winner

 Baby Raggedy

By Liz Walker Watts - Wacky Walker Bears




 5th Place Winner
 Three Wise Men
By Daria Lvovsky - Art of Felting




A Rainbow of Colour - Winners



1st Place Winner


By Justyna Koptynska - Sweet Candy Dreams



 2nd Place Winner


By Gill Gibson - Gill Gibson Bears



 3rd Place Winner

 Sally Fox

By Julia Nazarenko - JuNa Art



 4th Place Winner

 Rainbow Bear Emma

By Lynette Littlejohn - LJ bears


 5th Place Winner
By Samantha Jane Seeley - Samantha Jane Bears




 5th Place Winner
 Ursus Borealis
By Lynette Wallace - Lynton Teddy Bear Company




Needle Felted Treasures - Winners



1st Place Winner

 Baby Elephant Calf

By Marina Goltyaeva - MGA Art Dolls




 2nd Place Winner

 The Fabulous Leon

By Daria Lvovsky - Art of Felting




 3rd Place Winner


By Agnieszka Sojko - agaFil



 4th Place Winner

 Honey Hunt

By Joanna Zatorska 




 5th Place Winner


By Angela McGinn 


 5th Place Winner
 Athabaskan Gnome and Kukuk
By Inna Ackermann - Lindas Toys

The Creative Novice- Winners


1st Place Winner

 The Soul of a Teen

By Maria Kosenkova - Kommart



 2nd Place Winner

 Our Wedding

By Adele Burrows - Personally For You



 3rd Place Winner

 Hop a Lot

By Karen Crookshank - Crookshank Bears




 4th Place Winner


By Amanda Blinko - Blinko Bears


4th Place Winner
By Amy Gaston - Devine bears


 5th Place Winner


By Teresa Manchas - Scrap This 



Teddy bear and Friends Poem - Winners


1st Place Winner 

 The Littlest Teddy

By Esther Hodge



T he littlest teddy

H as stolen my heart,

E xquisitely handcrafted

L ike a true work of art.

I ntricately sewn,

T eeny tiny toes,

T wo beaded eyes,

L oveliest nose.

E very time I see you,

S uch beauty abounds 

T rue love is forever:

T reasure found

E ndlessly patient,

D earest and kind,

D eep secrets shared,

Y ou'll always be mine.






 2nd Place Winner

 His Best Friend

By Julie Ann Brandon - ByWays Bears



He has a little teddy

A multi coloured bear

Lovely, soft and cuddly

He takes him everywhere


In hospital or on holiday

Every place he goes

So much so that teddy needed

New clothes and a nose


At night when they go off to bed

He places teddy by his head

They share their secrets, likes and woes

But don’t like anyone to tickle their toes


Teddy has helped him through

Troubles and strife

And will hopefully be there

All his life


Teddy is as special as can be

He was a present from his Grandma

When he was born you see


His name?  

Can’t you guess?

It’s “Special Teddy”

Ah Bless !






 3rd Place Winner

The Bear Hug
By Tania Carter Hobbs - Lady Pendragon Bears

To some a bear is just a toy

Offered as a Christening ploy

Or to welcome a baby into our world

In the hopes of a life full of hugs and holds

Others give bears as a gift of love

In hopes of finding THEIR matching glove


To one child that bear becomes a treasure

That they will hold dear forever and ever

Another will hold it for only one day

And then it will find itself thrown away

For those given as a romantic gesture

It will always be there to hug you better


But whatever becomes of our bears

They are always crafted with love and care

They are made with lots of love

And become one of OUR special hug

Though they may not stay near

We still hold them all dear


And if we can ask of just one thing

It is that one day our bear will bring

Happiness to a child young or old

Whose heart strings it will pull and hold.






 4th Place Winner

 Best Friend Teddy Bear

 By Erin Roy - Bears N Bling



You are my "Best Friend Teddy Bear",

Forever you will be.

You cheer me up when I am down,

You're always there for me.


You listen to my youthful dreams

And wishes all day long.

You spin my silly nonsense words

Into poetic songs.


With you I like to make believe

And watch the clouds go by.

There's simply nothing we can't do,

The limit is the sky.


You never let me give up hope,

You chase away my fears.

I love you "Best Friend Teddy Bear"

And will throughout the years.





 5th Place Winner

Teddy Bear Orphans

By Penny Bonser - Teddy Bear Orphans 



We are orphan teddies, each of us is unique.

In the distant future we shall all be antique.

Not any antiques, we hasten to add,

Just because we've no Mum and Dad,

Please don't give us sympathy,

We are happy as can be,

Wearing designer clothes, and jointed as well,

Weighted with steel shot, though you hardly could tell.

You will never, ever hear us moan,

But we would love a happy home.




Teddy bear and Friends Short  Story - Winners


1st Place Winner 

The Little Brown Bear

By Donna Hancox - Button Bears 


In a little Village

Down a small forgotten street

There is a quaint old antique shop

Adorable and sweet


In the old sash windows

Are some old forgotten toys

That once belonged to little girls

And some to little boys


Sitting in the window

Is a little sad brown bear

His misty eyes search longingly

She there” I know somewhere


This little bear, he prays each night

To the stars above

Please send to me my special one

The one I do so love


The lady who works in the shop

She tells him every day

That special one, the one you love

Will find you any day


And so his heart it skips a beat

When the bell above the door

Makes that tinkling welcome sound

“This must be her for sure”


The dolls, the cars the trains and planes

The find their happy homes

The little bear, he sits and waits

Will he always be alone?


And then one day the tinkle

From the bell above the door

Brings in a brown haired lady

Bears’ seen that face before


“Oh, look my love” The lady cries

“Its’my little old brown bear”

“I thought I’d lost him long ago”

“I’ve been looking everywhere”


She sweeps him up and huggles him

The way she used to do

And whispered gently in his ear

“I knew that I’d find you”


He looks into her loving eyes

Filled with joy and tears

His little heart so full of love

Vanished all his fears


And with a knowing tender smile

The lady in the store

Bids farewell to little bear

She is not sad at all


She has a twinkle in her eye

One rarely ever seen

Except by those who believe

She is a fairy queen


Magic’s in this little shop

You’ll see if you look close

Inside it has no till, no phone

But receives a special post


For if you’re passing early

In the shimmer of the dawn

You’ll see a special postman

He looks quite like a faun


He’s bringing news of lost and found

To the Fairy Queen

She opens eyes and hearts of those

Who pray and hope and dream... 






 2nd Place Winner 

Betsy Bear
By Tania Hobbs - Lady Pendragon Bears

Betsy was a special bear, one of a kind made from warm honey fur, which was dense but beautifully soft and fluffy.  She was a present to Elsie from her husband, Fred, on their 2nd wedding anniversary; they were separated by the war shortly after marriage and spent their 1st anniversary in different countries.  Now the war was over, they were expecting their first child, and celebrating two years of marriage.

Betsy sat in the cabinet among Elsie’s china ornaments watching Elsie’s family grow.  Now her children had grown up and left home.  The day her children had moved out they’d taken part of her with them - Elsie felt the void deep in her heart - a black, dark hole of loneliness.  Her need for children had consumed her younger years and now in her fifties she recognised this feeling again.  Fred was a loving man who adored and worshipped Elsie with every ounce of his being and although she felt his love for her still, the loneliness grew daily.  She spent her days busying herself around the house. It was only then that Betsy found her place in Elsie’s heart.  Elsie had her polish and duster in hand, dusting her ornaments.  With the cabinet door open Betsy saw her chance and fell out into Elsie’s arms.  Oh how she’d missed her hugs.  Elsie sat Betsy on her lap, cuddling her close, feeling the soft fur calmed her, bringing a smile to her ageing face.  She remembered the day she got Betsy and all the days of happiness since, especially the elation of giving birth to her children – they were her world.  She felt revived and holding her tighter she felt Betsy’s arms hugging back, just as her children had when they were little.  In that moment the void was filled by a hug from Betsy bear.  Elsie went on through her life hugging Betsy tight when the lonely void was looming, Betsy was always there waiting patiently for that hug.  Betsy made things seem a little brighter with fond memories even through the hardest of times when Fred became ill and died.

Jo had always wanted to hug Betsy but never had the courage as a child to ask her Nana, after being told ‘Betsy is precious, you must never touch her’.  Jo had spent many Sundays longing to cuddle Betsy.  She looked sad and lonely, sat on the shelf of the cabinet in her Nana’s living room.  After regular Sunday roasts at Nana and Granddads she had become accustomed to seeing Betsy perched there watching them and then, over time, she’d forgotten Betsy was even there.

Now Jo was sat on the sofa with her father in her Nana’s flat; a more manageable size than the house where she first saw Betsy.

A man dressed in a suit sat at the table reading some documents to them.  They had been asked to her Nana’s home the day after the funeral.  Her Dad had picked her up from home and they had travelled in relative silence to Nana’s. 

‘Why do they need to do this at Nana’s house, couldn’t this have been done in the solicitor’s office?’ Jo had asked.

‘I don’t know, Mr Ingram said it would be easier to read the Will there’ her father replied

Nana’s home was full of memories; tea parties with dolls; of magical fairies who did the washing up after dinner, to discussing job options after leaving school.  In more recent years it had been to ask Nana for advice and chat about life and men.  Jo’s eyes started stinging and her vision became blurred. ‘Focus Jo, focus!’ she told herself ‘What did Mr Ingram say?’

‘Sorry!’ Jo stammered

‘Your grandmother has left you Betsy’ Mr Ingram tried to disguise his questioning glance around the room in the hopes that Jo knew exactly what he was talking about.


‘I believe Betsy was your Grandmothers bear?  She had left it to you in her will’ he continued.

‘Oh!!’ Jo was amazed.  She’d always assumed Betsy would be left to her cousins’ children.  Nana had two great-grandchildren by her cousins and she thought a bear would be far more fitting for a child than her, an adult.

‘There’s also this envelope for you.  Do you know where she kept this bear, Betsy?’  Mr Ingram handed a large cream envelope to Jo with her name on.

‘Erm….. yes Betsy lives, up there’ Jo pointed to the cabinet.

‘Well Betsy is yours now’ Said her father ‘go and take her out, you need a hug’

She went to the cabinet and removed the bear.  She’d expected Betsy to be dusty from years of sitting in the same spot but she was dust free and bright eyed, in spite of herself Jo hugged her hard and cried.

Jo returned home a while later and sat on her bed with Betsy, a coffee in hand pondering the envelopes contents.  She brushed her hand over Betsy’s warm honey fur– slowly she opened it and read

Dearest Joanna,

I feel Betsy would be best left in your care; you need her as much as she needs a loving home.

I’m worried you’re walking a lonely path, it’s in your eyes; the same look I use to have, you have a longing inside that is yet to be filled, it’s dark and consuming.  Fill that hole with the love and hugs of Betsy, not in the arms of the wrong man.  Betsy will keep you safe until Mr Right comes along and that’s when you will be fulfilled later by the joy of children but keep Betsy close by so she can hug you when you need her most. I pass her to you with my love and memories to cherish.

Love your hugs and hug your love

Nana x

Jo smiled; she would take her Nana’s parting advice and live a great life with Betsy by her side.

Bears are forever friends who share our memories...





 3rd Place Winner 

Marcharios the Magnificent and Quacker Jack

By Erin Roy  - Bears N Bling



Little Bear was practicing his magic tricks on the front porch when a fluffy, white goose waddled up the stairs to greet him. "Salutations!", honked the goose. "My keen intuition tells me that you are a Magician, and I have come to apply for the position of your most studious assistant." Little bear gazed at the feathery bird with surprise. "My assistant?", he said rather puzzled. "Yes", the bird stated.  "You posted a 'For Hire Sign' down by the river bank, so here I am." Little bear laughed, “But a magician's assistant is a rabbit... y​ou are a Goose!” The bird immediately corrected little bear, “I am NOT a goose, I am a DUCK, and my name is Quacker Jack", he said proudly.  He then began to strut around the porch pointing out his fine attributes, “I am white like a rabbit, I am fluffy like a rabbit, and I have long legs like a rabbit", he said. Little bear was holding back his urge to giggle at this goose that thinks he is a duck but wants to be a rabbit! "My apologies Sir Quack, but you do not have long ears like a rabbit. How am I supposed to pull you out of my top hat?" The determined goose thought for a moment, then jumped head first into the hat and began wiggling his legs back and forth. Little bear could just make out his muffled words "You can grab my feet!" It was the funniest thing he had ever seen. "You are hired!” little bear announced. "You will be the best magician's rabbit-goose-duck assistant there ever was."






 4th Place Winner 

Angel of Light
By Katherine Uphill 

 Once upon a time, there was a little bear called Lara. She lived with her Mommy and Daddy. They loved her very much. Every day they went out hunting for honey. And when they were in the countryside Lara liked to play hide-and-seek.

 One day it was Lara’s turn to hide. When she was looking for a place well hidden from the sight of her parents, she saw a beautiful butterfly fluttering by. It was a very colourful butterfly and Lara wanted to catch it. She ran and ran, chasing after the butterfly until it disappeared into a bush. Then she looked around and to her horror she didn’t know where she was. She had run a long way away from her Mommy and Daddy. She called loudly for her Mommy, but there was no answer. She panicked and started to cry because she did not know the way home. She cried and cried but there was no sign of Mommy. Then she remembered what her Mommy told her. “When you’re frightened, say a prayer and God will come to your help!” That was what she did next. She said, “Dear God, I’ve lost my way! I’m very scared. Please help me!”

 Lara felt a bit calmer after that. She was exhausted with her running and crying and she soon felt asleep. When she woke up, there was darkness around her. Panic came over her again. Suddenly a faint light appeared in the distance. It got closer and closer, brighter and brighter. It dazzled her so much that she could not see properly. Then a voice said gently, “Don’t worry! I’m here to take you home. Get up and follow my light. I’m taking you back to your Mommy and Daddy.”

 In the bright light Lara could see where she was going and she was soon home with her Mommy and Daddy. She was so happy to see them again. From her Mommy’s eyes she knew that she had been crying a lot. Lara said to her, “I’m very sorry, Mommy! I won’t do this again.”  And to the one who brought her home she said, “Thanks for all your help! You’re really my Angel of Light.

 The Angel of Light was her neighbor, Auntie May, who was one of the people on the search party looking for her...





 5th Place Winner
Mascott's Story
By Danielle Monrocher - Mascottblog


I am here to tell you a bear story...As many of you , I seem to have lived with teddies all my life, as to some of you they speak to me, just like some animals seem to connect through some kind of telepathic language...

I could tell you many stories about bears, but tonight I want to tell you about the most insignifiant , the most badly made of them all, so much so that he almost finished in my rubbish basket ...

But let's start from the beginning, and sorry about that but I will have to speak a little about me, his maker:

It was about more than a year ago, I was at a point of my life where anything was upsetting me, everything was ... un BEAR able ....( Maybe words have a hidden meaning and lead you) ...

Anyway , I used to sit at the bottom of the house in a spare bedroom, and started to make things ... And one day , I made a try with a piece of an old jersey of mine , I wanted to make a small teddy for a birth present , and my idea was to see how it would turn out with this piece before I made the real one ... I made it too fast , I was angry at the result , and left it on the table , determined to throw that rubbish away ....

And that night , I got up to go to the toilet , and somehow had the feeling that I hadn't closed the window in the back room, so I went there , as if something was calling me ... And there he was , that unfinished wretched creature , his button eyes were shining in the moonlight , and he called me again, he said :

«  Why don't you want me ? Don't you think you could give me a chance ? Try to finish me tomorrow , and you'll see , I will be your unwanted son that you will love the most .... » His eyes seemed to grow bigger , and he told me he wanted to see the world , his life couldn't stop before it even started, he begged.

I took him in my hand and stared at him ... «  See you in the morning » , I told him ,and put him carefully on the table, and went back to bed .I don't know why, but that night I slept well.

Well, now Mascott is only a little more than a year old , and he has been to places you and I have never been , he is the most outstanding of all my bears. I got his message , it is : You can be the poor wretched rag thing that people or you yourself think you are , but given a chance you can accomplish wonders .

This is in short Mascott's story.Some of you have come to his blog, and know that indeed , he has a full life , and lots of friends.Of course he admires all the other bears , but he knows that being a small bear of no value is the luck of his life : I wouldn't have sent any valuable bear go everywhere in the world, and risk losing it .

But none of my bears I have photographed more than Mascott , no, not one of them.

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