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TBAAF  Membership Rules


Membership of TBAAF is currently FREE to everyone if you follow the simple rules below...


Membership Rules of Conduct


  • When first  joining TBAAF you will become a Limited Member with restricted site access.
  • You must then EDIT YOUR PROFILE filling in your profile questions, If a profile question doesn't apply to you write N/A.
  • You must then add any simple PROFILE PHOTOGRAPH to your account.
  • *Note profile pages not edited completed will be deleted*
  • When the profile editing process is complete you will be granted a fully subscribed account. 
  • A fully suscribed TBAAF account gives you full access to all of the TBAAF site, you can enter the TBAAF awards, and also post bears and dolls for sale on the front page of the TBAAF website
  • You can only then list items for sale.
  • You MUST remain respectful to other members at all times


Any TBAAF member found breaking these subscription rules may have their account deleted at any time without prior warning...


This is not done out of spite but simply because we have put a lot of work into providing this site for everyone to enjoy, and we want to provide a safe, interesting and pleasant  environment for everyone to enjoy... TBAAF members have stated looking at blank profiles is not interesting and even quite disturbing. If you don't agree with this simple request please don't join.... Remember if you need advice to do this at any time please ask...


 We ALWAYS incorporate our 'TBAAF FAIRNESS TO ALL' policy!